ETA: Late 2018
Director: Cameron Brown

A series of interlinked monologues, based on the actors true stories, discussing a variety of different aspects of life: love, family, sex, work, friends, dreams, failures and health. An honest, funny, thought provoking and sometimes heart breaking look at what affects the world we have created for ourselves.

Cast & Crew - Added by Matt at 10:48 07/10/2018

Director: Cameron Brown
Producer: Kirsty Pickering

  Matthew Barton
  James Blackstone
  Brooke Bowers
  Robbie McEwan
  Rebecca McIlroy
  Stuart McMaster

Time-lapse - Added by Matt at 07:46 08/10/2018

Enjoy a little time-lapse of rehearsals in progress!

Director Interview - Added by Matt at 12:01 12/10/2018

We speak with director Cameron about the project.

Time-lapse Again - Added by Matt at 00:18 16/10/2018

More time-lapse fun!

Outside Eyes - Added by Matt at 23:21 24/10/2018

Life, Love & all the Crap in Between was previewed at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow last night and dare we say it, went down brilliantly with an almost sell out crowd!

Very encouraging night and we are enthused to bring the full show to the public in the near future. Keep an eye out!